Best time to visit Samoa

The best time to visit Samoa is in May, June, or October.

These are the months when the weather is good, but there are not yet a lot of tourists and the prices are cheaper.

Read our detailed guide to plan your perfect visit to Samoa.

About Samoa

Samoa is an independent island country located in the Pacific Ocean, in a subregion of Oceania called Polynesia.

It is made up of two major islands, Upolu and Savai’i. The capital of Samoa is Apia, located in Upolu.

The main language spoken in Samoa is Samoan though English is also an official language used in schools and government offices. The culture of Samoa reflects traditional Polynesian values such as respect for elders and family ties.

Samoa is surrounded by coral reefs, which provide some of the best diving locations in the world. In addition to its natural beauty, Samoa has many other tourist attractions like nightlife, hotels, restaurants, and shops.

Samoa has been called “the happiest place on earth” because of its beautiful beaches, its friendly people, and its relaxed lifestyle.

Samoa is an independent country, in contrast to its ‘brother’ island American Samoa, which is under the rule of the United States. Both territories form the Samoan Islands archipelago, with Samoa in its western part and American Samoa in the east.


Climate in Samoa

The climate in Samoa is tropical and humid with two seasons: the Dry Season (summer) and the Wet Season (winter).

The wet and dry seasons are determined by the amount of rainfall.

The rainy season lasts from November to April while the dry season lasts from May to October.

Apart from the bad weather during the wet season, the temperatures in Samoa are high all year round.

Wet season in Samoa

The wet season in Samoa lasts from November to April.

It’s characterized by heavy rainfall, high humidity, and frequent storms. During this time, it rains almost every day.

The wet season in Samoa is a time of lush greenery. It provides an abundance of fresh produce that includes bananas, coconuts, pineapples, taro root, and breadfruit.

This is also a great time for fishing as well as gathering shellfish such as oysters and clams.

The average rainfall in Samoa during the wet season is about 340 millimeters (13.4 inches).

The temperatures during the rainy season are slightly higher than in the dry season and range between 29°C-31°C (84.2°F-87.80°F).

Wet Season (November to April) – Main characteristics:
Rainy with tropical storms and cyclones
Higher temperatures
Low season
Few tourists
Low prices

Dry season in Samoa

The dry season in Samoa lasts from May to October.

It is characterized by slightly lower temperatures, much less rain, less humidity, and more sunshine than in the wet season.

The average rainfall during the wet season in Samoa is about 154 millimeters (6 inches).

The temperature in Samoa during this season is a bit cooler than during the rainy period and ranges between 27°C-28°C (80.6°F-82.4°F).

Dry Season (May to October) – Main characteristics:
Little rainfall, no tropical storms or cyclones
Less humid
Lower temperatures
High season
A lot of tourists
High prices

Average temperature in Samoa by month

Because Samoa is located in a tropical climate, it has high temperatures all year round.

In the chart below, you can see that the temperatures in Samoa throughout the year are pretty much constant:

Average temperature in Samoa by month

Average rainfall in Samoa by month

The regular daily rain showers in Samoa start in November and end in April.

The two months with the heaviest rainfall during that time are January and February.

The rainfall almost disappears during the dry season, from May to October.

The three months with the lowest amount of rain are June, July, and August.

In the chart below you can see the average rainfall in Samoa by month:

Average rainfall in Samoa by month

Best time to visit Samoa for the best weather

The best time to travel to Samoa to enjoy the best weather is from June to September.

During that period the rainfall is the lowest. You will be able to enjoy clear blue skies and a lot of sun.

Best time to visit Samoa for best weather

Peak and off-peak seasons in Samoa

Below you will find out when to plan your travel to Samoa to avoid a high number of tourists as well as the high prices of flights, accommodation, and hospitality.

High season in Samoa

The high season in Samoa lasts from July to September and also includes the holiday season in December.

From July to September the weather is at its best with clear blue skies, a lot of sun, and little to no rainfall. These are the busiest times in terms of tourists flocking to enjoy beautiful weather in a tropical paradise.

This period also coincides with summer vacation in most northern hemisphere countries. A lot of Australians and New Zealanders also come to Samoa during this period because they have a winter break during this time.

Although December is affected by heavy rainfall, it’s popular among the tourists who come over to Samoa for the end-of-year celebrations.

What follows a high number of tourists are the high prices of hospitality, accommodation, and flights. If you want to come over this period expect to pay more than if you would during the wet season.

Low season in Samoa

The off-peak season in Samoa is during the wet season, from November to April, excluding December.

This period sees the lowest number of tourists because of the bad rainy weather with the possibility of typhoons and cyclones.

As a result, this is the best period to visit Samoa if you are on a tight budget because the prices of flights, accommodation, and food are the lowest during this time.

Shoulder seasons in Samoa

The times with good weather and fewer tourists in Samoa, are May, June, and October.

These are so-called shoulder seasons because they happen just before or just after the peak times.

May and June are the first two months of the dry season. The weather is already good enough, but the tourists haven’t started flocking as yet.

October is just after the peak season when the bulk of tourists have left. It’s the last month with good weather before the rainy season starts.

Best time to travel to Samoa for fewer tourists and for lower prices

If you want to visit Samoa but you are on a low budget or you cannot stand crowds, then the best time to go to Samoa is during the wet season, excluding December.

It’s when there is the lowest number of tourists as well as when the prices are the cheapest because of the bad, rainy weather the wet season has to offer.

If you want to find a sweet spot and travel to Samoa when the weather is good and there are fewer tourists, you should go during the shoulder months of May, June, or October.

Best time to visit Samoa for fewer tourists

Best time to go to Samoa – Conclusion

It depends on your budget, needs, and expectations when is the best time to visit Samoa.

If the only thing that matters to you is the weather, then you should visit Samoa between May and September (for the absolute best weather, between June and August).

If you want to avoid crowds or if you are on a tight budget then travel to Samoa between November and April, excluding the holiday season in December.

If you are looking for a sweet spot when the weather is good but it’s also quieter and cheaper than travel to Samoa during the shoulder seasons of May, June, or October.

Best time to visit Samoa comparison table
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